Clare Bohning


CLARE decided to create art when she was just a little snot because it was a wonderful way to show people the world of stories in her head. (No one believed her otherwise.)
Her love of traditional art comes from her (master) oil painter mother, and her adventurous themes are largely inspired by her equally adventurous dad.
Antarctica, birds of prey, nature, and mysticism play a big role in her work, as their wonders like to whisper to her as she walks through lightly trodden paths of dust, brush, and bones.
After several years of study in the desert, Clare has emerged from a forgotten cave. The cobwebs and bones brushed off, Clare now brings forward some things she discovered there. (But maybe shouldn’t have.)


2015 Further Bus ‘Enhancement’

(None), Springfield OR

Painted, restored, and enhanced items on the historic Ken Kesey Further Bus. Read more about it here: